I’ll probably never do it again

Hey guys!

This week’s favorite is a little different than my others. Typically, my posts are something I consider one of my favorite outfits, items, or things to do. Well if you haven’t already noticed from the title of this post… this week’s favorite is not so much a favorite, at least not for me. However, my boyfriend and friends had a GREAT time so I encourage you guys to give it a try! 

So, I went go-karting. I was really excited to go because it looks like so much fun and I’m always ready for some competition! There’s only one place in New Jersey that has a go-karting place. It’s located in Jersey City, and it’s called Pole Position Raceway. The price isn’t bad at all- $30 for first timers for a 10 minute, 7 lap race. 

After we all chose our race name, we waited for our turn and watched the race that was already happening. They were going so fast and the course was a bit small so it made it harder for the racers to cut each other off without bumping. We witnessed a couple minor accidents of racers bumping each other or into the barriers. (bumping wasn’t allowed and they gave you a warning before making you come out because of how dangerous it could be). I was still excited but definitely a bit more nervous at this point. 

Next thing you know, it’s our turn. We watched a short safety video and picked our helmets for the race! Then we were allowed to get right into the go-karts. 




As you can tell, I was really excited but deep down I was scared out of my mind haha

Anyways, the race started and instantly I noticed how hard it was to control these go-karts! But it was still so much fun, until I got into my first accident, key word- first. It wasn’t my fault though and I’ll tell you why! We were coming to a turn and my one friend bumped my car, so I ended up bumping another persons car and next thing I know, both me and the girl I bumped are underneath the barriers! Luckily, we didn’t get hurt and the workers understood it was an accident and let us continue. 

Although it was still hard to get the hang of the go-karts, I was determined to finish the race strong! A few laps went by and I felt better at making the sharp turns and controlling how fast I was going. Then something happened…

My best friend Nicole, was coming up close to me during an upcoming turn. Like I mentioned before, the course was small so it didn’t give us much room for more than one racer to make a turn at a time. So Nicole and I are neck to neck when she decided to try and cut me off by making the turn before me. However, I was still not making that turn. While she turned the wheel, her go-kart crashed into the barrier in front of me and I couldn’t stop myself from crashing right into her! My go-kart landed right on top of the right side of her body and I FREAKED OUT. As quickly as I could, I unbuckled my seatbelt and took my helmet off to see if she was okay. Meanwhile all the workers are running full speed to get my kart off of her and make sure she wasn’t hurt. My anxiety was off the roof. I felt myself shaking and my heart was racing.

Luckily, Nicole was fine and she only hurt her hand. We were both pretty shook up so the workers asked Nicole if she wanted to continue. She said yeah. However, I DID NOT. I couldn’t wait to get out of there. I literally thought I almost killed my best friend and I could not get back into that g0-kart and finish the race. I left the race and stepped out to calm myself down from my mini anxiety attack. What was supposed to be a fun first time experience, ended up with me freaking out and my best friend crushed under my go-kart. 

Once my friends and bf finished the race, they came outside to check on me and let me know that everything was okay; that Nicole was fine. She came out, laughing and hugging me but I still couldn’t help but feel awful. They all reassured me that it was so much fun, and in a few days we’ll look back at this and laugh. Although some were already laughing, I did not think it was funny yet haha. 

Seriously though, who thought a go-kart could crash into someone and end up on top of them!? Not me, that’s for sure. Like I stated in the beginning of this post, Go-karting is not for me, and definitely not a favorite of mine. I don’t even know if I’ll ever give it another shot. However, my bf and friends had such a great time and really wanted me to include it into my blog. 

So I’ll leave it at this, if you’re someone like me who has anxiety and isn’t all that great with controlling fast things.. maybe this isn’t for you; you could end up hurting someone. However, if you’re certain on your skills and want to give it a try- go for it! Although the jokes will never end, and I’m the star of a not so funny pun “I pulled a Kayla”; it was still an experience I’ll never forget & neither will my friends haha

That’s it for this week guys!

Xo, Kayla



Party like Gatsby


Hey guys!

So this week I have a really fun favorite for you guys, themed parties!

Friday, April 22nd, my boyfriend, friends and I got all 1920s dressed up for a Great Gatsby party! Finding outfits and accessories was a struggle but when we finally figured it out, we looked incredible! If you’ve ever watched the movie, Great Gatsby, you’d know how elegant and flashy this time period was, especially when it came to their extravagant parties. So it was amazing to walk into this banquet where the party was being held and feeling like I walked into the 1920s era. The decorations were so perfect and every detail resembled the 1920s. There was even a fun Photo Booth for the guests. My friends and I had a blast playing with the props and taking funny pics. It was an amazing night and I had SO much fun! 

For my outfit I wore a black, flawy halter dress from lulus.com with lace trim at the bottom and an opened keyhole back. I matched it with black ankle strappy heels and a few rings for accessories. As for my headpiece, I bought a jeweled headband and then hot glued some black feathers to it to complete the 1920s look! I love when my boyfriend and I match for occasions, so he wore black dress pants, a white button down shirt, navy blue suspenders and a bow tie! Super Snazzy. 

Themed parties are definitely a favorite! Here’s a few photos!




Xoxo, Kayla

“A Little Party Never Hurt Nobody” – Jay Gatsby

Spring Weather & New Shoes

Finally we’re getting some spring weather and I am LOVING it!


For the next couple of weeks, I’ll be posting my favorite Spring statement pieces because I seriously have so many! Spring weather is just the perfect kind of weather, warm but still a little breezy; not too hot, not too cold. So there’s a lot of different trends out right now and I’m so excited to share my favorite ones with you!

This week I’ll be telling you all about my  new favorite shoes!


Ecentrcq Leather Slip On Sneakers: Steve Madden 

I’m usually iffy when it comes to slip on shoes because I find that most of them are uncomfortable and hurt the back of my feet. So I was skeptical when I went to purchase these. However, I was instantly drawn to how cute they look. The texture of the shoe is so nice and it’s easy to combine them with almost anything. Since I’ve bought these shoes, I have worn them almost every single day. I was so wrong thinking they’d be uncomfortable because they are easily the comfiest pair of shoes I own. 

Although they’re a bit pricey, it is worth it! These shoes are the perfect balance between a comfortable, casual look to a stylish, chic look! They can go with anything from shorts, a skinny jean or pant, or even a romper! They tend to run small so if you’re looking to purchase them, I’d go for a half size bigger than your normal shoe size. I love them so much, I’m already debating which color to buy next, hehe

I hope you guys enjoyed your weekend and this post! Comment below what your spring fashion go-to piece is and maybe it’ll be one of mine for the weeks to come! 

Stay tuned. Xoxo, Kayla



Simple & Comfy Decor

Hey again!

As you guys might already know, my go to style for fashion is casual and comfy. Well, my home decor style is no different. I absolutely love playing with neutral and adding some fun, simple items to chic it up.

I’ve recently remodeled my bedroom so I thought I’d share a few of my favorite decor pieces. One of my favorite shoppings to do other than clothes, or shoe shopping is home decor shopping! Seriously, if you haven’t seen the Target Decor Aisle, YOU NEED TO. It’s a depiction of what heaven looks like. I’m not ashamed to say I daydream of how I’m going to decorate my own house someday… wall paint, rugs and all. I have it all planned out already. But for now, my bedroom is the only place I can express myself and my style in my house.  (I still live with my parents, ugh).

Anyways, if you’re looking for a few ways to decorate your bedroom or different areas in your home, maybe a few of my ideas will help you come up with your own ideas!


This might be my absolute favorite place to be.

My throw blankets are Ralph Lauren brand from TJ Maxx, and they are literally the softest and comfiest things IN THE WORLD! (hence why I have three of them). These blankets are the perfect comfy addition to your bed. You’ll find yourself reaching for one of these instead of your actual comforter in the middle of the night– seriously, so comfy!

Another one of my favorite ways to decorate the bed is with LOTS of pillows. I typically have about about 6-8 pillows on my bed but I thought the photo looked better with these five. The more pillows, the better! My bed does not look as comfy with 5 pillows than it does with 6-8. It’s just so relaxing and definitely puts the whole look of the bed together. So add some fun or simple decor pillows and you’ll definitely see the difference!

Lastly, a wall painting, picture frame, or canvas like the one I have above my bed are other simple pieces that could really show off your style! I went with a simple wooden canvas piece with a gold metallic K on it cause it looked super dainty but kinda tough. I know a lot of people who love use wall art to bring their rooms to life, so give it a try! It could really be anything you like!



Another idea to decorate your room is by adding small pieces like the ones in the photos. In the first picture, I have my Marine Breeze candle (summery, beachy, sand in-between  my toes scent), my wooden ‘K’ letter, and my favorite sunnies that were in one of my earlier favorites post. These three items are the perfect pieces to add if you’re going for a relaxed, simple look in your room. In my second photo, I have my Macbook Air Laptop with a marble decal, my coconut oil in a jar, and a pretty fake plant (I suck at keeping real plants alive). In the third picture, you can see how I put all these simple pieces together and spiced up my dresser! It’s super simple, inexpensive, and makes my bedroom feel comfy but chic in my own way.

That’s the whole point of home decor anyways. –

“Your home should tell the story of who you are, and be a collection of what you love”

I hope my ideas inspired you to be creative in your homes!

If you have any of your own ideas that you’d like to share, then comment and let me know!

Xo, Kayla

Me, @ A Hockey Game?

What’s a gal like me doing at the Devils game?

Just eating Meatball Heros, and screaming my head off, really.

Image-1-4Hey guys! On my Valentine’s Day post, I mentioned how I bought my boyfriend tickets to the Devils vs. Islanders game tickets for us to go to. Well, we went on friday and I had a blast! This isn’t new to me though, since he’s taken me to a couple games already and I always have a good time. Something you should know about me is that I honestly really enjoy sports. I love the competitiveness and the passion of the fans. But, I’ve never really kept up with any sport or team until I started dating Kev.

He’s a Yankee fan, so I went to a few games and now I’m a Yankee fan! (I’m especially a Brett Gardner fan cause he’s super cute) Oh, and for the guys reading this, Brett Gardner is #11 and he plays Left Outfield & no I didn’t look it up. I feel like guys always ask these questions cause they never think girls know anything about sports and players. (I guess you guys can be right about this sometimes, but not this time, hehe).

Yankee games are definitely my all time favorite games to go to but hockeys games are a favorite too.

It’s so much fun to be in an arena with so many passionate fans and watch a live game! If you aren’t a sports gal, or guy, you should definitely go to at least one game and I promise it’ll change your mind. There are so many performances and games to play (like guessing where the puck went or which train is the fastest) and lots of beer and food! 

The best part however, is definitely feeling like part of a fun crowd; the cheering, booing, chanting, and  yelling at the players. It’s all fun and games but of course some seriousness cause having your team lose- SUCKS. 

My first hockey game was one I’ll never forget. I didn’t know much at all about hockey, except score the puck into the goal. Honestly, it didn’t really matter how much I knew and how much I didn’t know. I still cheered when everyone cheered. And I still boo’ed when everyone boo’ed. It’s exciting and for 3 20 minute periods, you feel like a crazy passionate fan. 

So on Friday, I was still more excited than ever to go to another Devils Game. I wore my new Devils tshirt, and cheered, chanted and yelled at these poor players like it was my job. Even though they lost, I still had so much fun. Oh, and I love the look Kev gives me when I’m screaming “Get it away from there!” like I’m this cute hockey fan he’s never seen before haha.

So if you haven’t guessed by now, my favorite for this week is Hockey Games!

Let me know if you guys have any of your own experiences with Sports games! Thanks for stopping by again!


Oh, and we got 2 free Devils hats after the game. Lucky us!

Xoxo, Kayla

VDay All Day



I decided to dedicate a whole “favorite of the week” to Valentine’s Day! In this post, I’ll talk about my Valentine’s Day outfit, gift, and date. This day is all about love, and being with/cherishing the ones you love for an ENTIRE day. When the world gets chaotic, and we forget to tell the ones who mean the most to us how much we appreciate them, Valentine’s Day is the day we go above and beyond just to make them feel extra loved.

So let’s begin!


I had a whole outfit planned out a week before Valentine’s Day (I get super excited and plan way in advance cause I’m so impatient) and then Friday came along, I checked the weather app on my phone for Valentine’s Day and it said “15 degrees”! Is that a joke?! This left me with only two days to find something else to wear that would keep me comfy, warm, but cute at the same time. So finally, here’s what I wore…


Sweater: Target  | Fur Vest: Zara (similar here) | Boots: Asos (similar here)

When I think comfy and cute, my mind goes straight to a sweater. I mentioned in my recent post how much I LOVE neutral colors so obviously, I reached for my white, long, cotton sweater! I wanted to add some sort of accessory other than jewelry since my arm candy did just that, so I decided to go for my black faux fur vest. To complete the look, I paired it with my favorite, suede, over the knee boots! And of course, I added some rings, my gold watch and my new pandora bracelet (hint hint)! I’m obsessed with it! I felt super chic but ready to take on the winter coldness!

Gift: (in no way am I bragging about my gift but I figured I should show you in case you were thinking of getting one or maybe thinking of getting your girlfriend one!)

I don’t ask for much but my boyfriend, Kevin, likes to spoil me every once in a while. I opened the door this afternoon to him standing there with beautiful white roses and three boxes of chocolate covered strawberries…YUM! We exchanged gifts right away since the excitement was over whelming. I surprised him with Devils tickets since we go every year and we hadn’t gone yet. He LOVED it, which made me love it even more. As for my gift, he bought me something I’ve been wanting for a while now: a Pandora bracelet!

Charms: Oopsie Daisy & Forever in my Heart

Since he works every weekend, we had to do a Valentine’s Day lunch instead of dinner. We wanted to go somewhere really nice but casual since it was just lunch. We decided to go to an Italian, Brick Oven Restaurant- Ah Pizz in Montclair, NJ. It’s really chic and authentic looking and Italian food is a favorite! Here are some pictures!

Appetizer: Crab Cakes | Entree: Pesto Pizze & Shrimp Scampi Pizze

THE CRAB CAKES WERE TO DIE FOR! Not literally, but they were SO good!

Valentine’s Day has been one of my favorite days this year and I hope you guys enjoyed yours as well! Let me know what you guys did on your day and maybe I’ll get some ideas for next year!

Now time for some wine & movies with my hunny after work


Oh, & here’s my favorite valentine 

Xo, Kayla

Dine-In and Chill

Hey! I hope my first blog post caught your interest and you’re back this week to check out my first favorite!

Well, a little something extra you should probably know about me is that I am dating my high school sweetheart! Well, kinda-sorta “high school sweetheart”. But officially, we’ve been together for three years and he’s my favorite person ever. No, don’t worry- I’m not going to dedicate my first favorite to a blog post about my boyfriend (I’m not one of those girlfriends lol). But I am mentioning him today because we’ve been together for a long time, so we’ve had many, many dates- mostly competitive activities like mini golfing (that’s our favorite thing to do in the summer! I win most of the time, hehe).

This week, we decided to do something we’ve never done before. It was kinda hard to think of something since we’ve really experienced so much together but finally it came down to two choices. Now once you read these choices you’re probably going to think to yourself, “Are you kidding me? You have never done this?!” (what a lame couple lol) in which you’re right because I couldn’t even believe we hadn’t done these together yet! So here they are… option 1: Ice Skating (we’ve both gone ice skating before but not together) and option 2: Dine-In Movie Theatre.

Instantly, I was like yes! Dine-In Theatre please!! 1. We LOVE to eat and 2. we LOVE to chill and watch movies so duh, this was an easy pick. I’ve heard of a lot of people going to dine-in theaters and loving it so I was really excited for it. We decided to get our tickets for the 9:00pm showtime to watch The 5th Wave. I love action movies and the trailer made it look really awesome, in a “the world is ending, how do we survive” type of way.


As soon we walked into AMC Dine-In Movies, I was obsessed! There’s actually a bar and chill area before you walk into the individual movie rooms with big comfy couches and lots of alcohol and appetizers! We scanned our ticket barcode (I know, so high tech lol) and walked into theatre 7. We were lucky enough to pick our seats when we ordered our tickets beforehand so we chose the one of the highest rows so no one would sit in front of us but so we weren’t so close to the screen either. I took a picture but it was way too dark, so here’s the one my boyfriend took-


Now let me tell you, the chairs were SO COMFY! They reclined to the perfect inch so you could kick back and enjoy the movie. There was a food & drink menu waiting for us so we quickly browsed the menu and pressed the button on our table for our server, (like seriously, HOW COOL!). I ordered the bacon and ranch burger with a red Sangria (yummy!) and my boyfriend ordered some quesadillas and some drink that I don’t remember the name of (but it was delicious also!).

Food was great. Seats were great. Service was awesome. Movie sucked (seriously, it was awful). Experience? A definite favorite!! I highly recommend all of you to give it a try if you’re like my boyfriend and I and have never been or even if you’ve done this before… go again! It’s a lot of fun and the amount of money you spend going out to eat before a movie date would honestly cost you just about the same as dining at the theatre! Kill two birds with one stone right? I really hate that saying but it kinda works!

Anyway, I hope you liked my first favorite and stay tuned for next week! 🙂

Xo, Kayla